In the beginning…

So, after arriving late….Entirely my fault, I apologise now… I have been asked to start a blog. So, here I am.

I am in my final year of university studying law and one of the course I have chosen is Law and the Media. Our main assignment this term is to write a blog; pretty nifty hey?

I’ll be known as R for these purposes. With weird creepy people on the internet (not that I’m saying you’re one of those weird and creepy people, but you could be. Or you could be Mitchell, now that would be plain weird… Anyhow, I digress) you can never be too careful. I’m from the UK and study in London.

This is only my first workshop in Media so I can’t comment on how I like it…. However, I do quite like Law, which is always a good start. Though, thankfully, it is not the only thing that I like. I’m a really into music and I play a number of instruments, get me! I also have a motorbike, so if you’re in London and you hear someone shouting at you to move out of the way (probably not in such a nice way) then you’ve probably met me. Or maybe one of the big burly bikers, that is highly possible.

I’ll be blogging every week, as per my course. Though, you may be lucky and get to hear from me more often. You never know you luck, or not as the case may be.

Until next time,