This is the final blog as the term has now ended and I thought I’d give you a bit of me… Sounds a bit weird, but hey ho!

I’ve uploaded a video (at the bottom of this post) which shows you a little bit of my life at the moment, as hectic as it is. When you watch it you’ll gather that I think it’s pretty fun, because I think I said that about three times. I did ask for permission to film and everyone’s consent, apart from one person who you hear me ask. I’m pretty sure I already asked him, but I was just making sure… Also, I apologise now for the changing of the camera angle or whatever it is you want to call it. I suggest just tilting your head!

I was walking around just before one of our shows, which was fantastic as everyone is in costume and in a really hyped up mood. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to get the Goose in it, although I have added a cast picture which does have it in it.

This year the school is doing Mother Goose. There are only two teachers involved in this year’s performance, one of those is in the Goose “skin” (musical theatre term for that type of costume) and the rest of the cast and dancers are students. There are three students in the band, two volunteers, including myself and the music teacher.

Around this time of year the panto becomes one of the most important things for me. I act as a teacher’s assistant for the students during show week which is a fantastic opportunity and something I wouldn’t miss for the world.

You may have catch the little bit of law which I put into the video which is about the licensing of the show. As ever the copyright for the show is licenced out and normally the licence for allowing recording of a show costs a lot more. Therefore the school does not usually obtain the licence that includes recording. This was why I couldn’t show you any of the show… Although, having said all of this, the Drama teacher actually wrote the script, so I probably could have asked him for permission to record a small section of the performance. However, this does not cover any musical numbers.

Other bits of law which were not mentioned in this video include media coverage of children. Although this seems slightly odd mentioning it as all of them are at the age where they broadcast every move they make on social media it is still an important part working with children.

There was a report released in 2013 by Ofcom which showed how children and parents have changed how they use or are allowed to use the internet. The internet is something that is so normal in their lives that most of today’s children don’t even bat an eye lid when you mention putting a picture of them on facebook or something along those lines.Most children would state that they are confident using the internet, although not as many would say that they are very confident depending on what they are doing. Interestingly there has been no difference in whether children know how to stay safe online, which is probably one of the most important things to know. Whilst not every person on the internet is a weirdo, creep, pedophile, murder so on and so forth, there is still a risk. the price of instant connectivity. There are other good points highlighted in this report, such as the use of search engines, personal advertising and how much trust children place in the information that they find online.

There are a few guidelines which have been released by UNICEF in an aim to protect children when they are portrayed in media.The guidelines themselves focus a lot on protecting children in the sense of stigmatisation instead of just protecting their identity. Whilst this is all and well, I do feel that sometimes the children themselves negate any protection they may have been given through their excessive use of social media. But hey, kids will be kids, right?

It won’t be until next time, so farewell internet people!



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